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Let's face it - you don't have time to rewrite existing legacy-based systems to support Internet-based applications! Like many corporations today, you want to integrate Internet-based (or client-server) applications with your existing MVS legacy systems - all within a timely manner and without re-inventing the world! Whether it is designing a new GUI-based front-end that talks to your MVS central reservation system, or making an existing financial system available on the Internet, you want results and you want them now!

C-Cubed products are geared toward this very thing: reusing existing legacy systems / business logic from new Internet-based (or client-server) applications. Our products provide the avenues of communication, allowing your clients to experience the power of your MVS-based legacy systems with the friendly user-interface of a Internet-based (or client-server) application - all from within a secure environment!

C-Cubed provides solutions centered directly on these and other issues. Among our customers are Fortune 500 companies who daily utilize our solutions to save production costs and make life easier for their IT/IS teams. C-Cubed's family of products work directly with various Integrated Development Environment's (IDE's), extending the capabilities of these and other PC-based development platforms. Please take a look around and investigate the solutions available to you. If you have any questions, contact one of our representatives for a speedy response.

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